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N1 Computer

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Dynamic Flight Manual Engine Thrust Schedules Real time, Real world and right in your field of view. Safe Flight gives you target N1 settings by the book. Only faster, more accurately and continuously.

Reducing cockpit workload, maximizing engine performance and minimizing the chance of overspeed or overtemp operation provide a sound basis for flying with Safe Flight’s N1Computer. Its compact size and reasonable price make it easy to install and an outstanding value.

Safe Flight N1 Computer Advantages

  • Reduces cockpit workload, enhances “head’s up” operation.
  • Helps protect against engine overspeed, overtemp operation, can reduce the need for costly repairs.
  • Eliminates the need to interpolate performance chart data.
  • Small, lightweight single component panel mount system.
  • Computes/Displays real time flight manual N1 settings for Takeoff, Climb, Go Around and Cruise.
  • Accurate, high legibility display replaces N1 thumb wheel mnemonics or notes taped to the instrument panel.


The system continuously monitors Ram Air Temperature (RAT) and Pressure Altitude from the aircraft’s digital air data bus along with Anti-Ice and Environmental Control System (ECS) discretes from the applicable aircraft systems. The N1 Computer computes and displays the N1 thrust setting (% RPM) in real time for Takeoff, Climb, Cruise and Go-Around, each based on the airplane’s flight manual performance charts. The compact, lightweight (0.8 lb), panel-mounted unit provides crew selection/display of the appropriate target N1 thrust setting.

Before Takeoff

Selecting TO/GA (Takeoff/Go Around Thrust Setting) will display the Flight Manual target N1 thrust setting for Takeoff. RAT may be displayed by pressing the mode switch; RAT maybe changed to a pilot selected temperature by pressing and rotating the mode switch clockwise to increase the temperature and counterclockwise to decrease it. Releasing the mode switch in the TO/GA position will display the thrust based on the selected temperature. If any other mode is selected prior to takeoff, the system will display dashes indicating an invalid mode.


Once airborne, the N1 thrust setting for Climb, Cruise or Go-Around can be selected with the mode switch. When CLB (Multi-engine Normal Climb) is selected, the system will display the N1 thrust setting for Climb. Selecting CRU (Maximum Cruise Thrust Setting) will display the N1 thrust setting for Cruise, and re-selecting TO/GA will display the N1 thrust setting for Go-Around. The system will continuously compute and display the N1 thrust setting for the selected mode and given conditions.

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