Control Column Shakers

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Safe Flight Control Shakers simulate the aerodynamic buffet of a stall by shaking the control column to warn the pilot of an approaching stall.

The Shaker consists of a 28 VDC motor-driven rotating eccentric mass mounted on a bearing-supported gear.  As the motor drives the gear, the inertial reaction of the unbalanced mass produces a strong vibration of the unit.  When attached to a control column, the shaker simulates the stall buffet.  Suppression of any RF noise produced by the motor is provided by an internally mounted filter.

Safe Flight shakers are compact, highly reliable units that are adaptable to any aircraft and any mounting configuration.

Current applications:
Boeing:  737, 747, 767, 777, 787
Boeing: AH-64 Apache (Helicopter)
Bombardier: Dash 100/200, Dash 8
Cessna: Citation X, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, Excel/XLS, Sovereign, M2
Gulfstream: G350, 450, 550
Hawker Beechcraft: Hawker 4000, Premier 1, T-6A
Lear: 40/45
Seawind 300C