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USAF Boeing 707

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AutoPower®, Safe Flight’s automatic throttle system, is now available for all military derivatives of the USAF/Boeing 707. This system is currently being retrofit on the RC-135 fleet. AutoPower® is an integral part of present and future Global Air Traffic Management requirements.

  • Bolt-in COTS System
  • Meets all RNP and RTA Requirements
  • Reduces Crew Workload and Fatigue
  • Supports Two-Man Crew Concept
  • Extends Mission Range and Time-On-Station

Safe Flight’s AutoPower® systems have demonstrated unprecedented reliability with more than 10,000 installations on military, airline, and corporate jet aircraft.


  • Takeoff-to-Touchdown Precise ATS Control of Aircraft Speed
  • Required Time of Arrival Speed Management
  • Safety – AoA Referenced Limit Protection
  • Smooth, Pilot-in-the-Loop, Thrust Lever Control
  • Automatically computes all Takeoff and Landing parameters
  • Seamlessly Integrates with existing Flight Management System
  • Improves Climb Performance
  • Operates Independently of Existing Engine (N1/EPR) or Avionics
  • Precise Speed Management
  • 3% Fuel Savings
  • Bolt-In System for any B-707 Airframe

Operational Benefits

Reduces Crew Workload

  • Eliminates Flight Manual Calculations / Errors
  • Automatically Provides Best Climb
  • Eliminates Manual Thrust Lever Adjustment
  • Automatically Compensates for Fuel Burn
  • Facilitates RTA / GATM System Compliance

Enhances Flight Safety

  • Enhances Situational Awareness
  • Provides Stabilized Approach and Landing
  • Incorporates AoA-Referenced Minimum Speed Protection

Saves Fuel

  • Proven 3% Fuel Savings
  • Extends Range and On-Station time

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