Powerline Detection

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Powerline Detection System   Updated PDS picture 01-20-2016

Powerlines are formidable hazards and hard to detect. Safe Flight’s Powerline Detection System senses when the helicopter is in proximity to a powerline and uses audio and visual warning signals to alert the pilot.

The Powerline Detector incorporates a very Low Frequency (ELF) receiver sensitive to powerlines electromagnetic fields providing visual and audio alerts in a small, lightweight (14 oz.) package.

The system detects the electromagnetic field radiated by the powerline. System sensitivity is adjustable and a self test feature is also provided. All worldwide power frequencies are accommodated.

A red warning light illuminates and remains on as long as a powerline is sensed. An unmistakable audio alert, which clicks like a Geiger counter, is also heard through the audio system and increases in frequency as the powerline gets closer. The audio output can be muted if desired, but the warning lamp will remain illuminated as long as the powerline is sensed.

With Safe Flight’s Powerline Detection system installed, the pilot gains an invaluable aid with the potential to reduce accidents and save lives.