Icing Conditions Detection

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Icing Conditions Detector

Icing Conditions DetectorSmall amounts of moisture in freezing conditions create an environment for aircraft icing which can severely affect an aircraft’s performance. The Safe Flight Icing Conditions Detector (ICD) detects the meteorological conditions that contribute to airframe icing – visible moisture and temperatures less than 5oC. The ICD senses these conditions before ice builds on the airframe, giving the pilot ample time to depart the icing conditions or activate the aircraft’s ice protection equipment.

The ICD’s independent optical moisture and temperature transducers quantify the local atmospheric conditions.  The heated optical transducer measures the moisture across the unit and the shielded temperature transducer determines the outside temperature. The ICD has been tested to meet or exceed the most stringent icing detection requirements and has proven to provide accurate alerting within seconds of entering these extremely hazardous conditions.


  • Immediate annunciation upon entering and leaving icing conditions
  • Heated to prevent ice accretion
  • Small and lightweight with no moving parts
  • Flexible installation options
  • Simple aircraft interface
  • Discrete warning output capable of directly driving a warning lamp or PFD
  • Meets SAE AS5498 Icing Performance Specification
  • Qualified to DO-160G
  • Robust design with no programmable hardware or software

Interface Details

  • Main connector: 13-pin, bayonet


  • Logic power supply: 28 V, 0.5 Amps maximum
  • Heater power supply: 28 V, 3.0 Amps maximum
  • Self-test: Open (normal operation)
  • Ground (self-test active)


  • ICD warning: Open (safe flying conditions)
  • Ground (icing conditions present),
  • 200 mA maximum sink

Operating Environment

  • Operating temp.: -55°C to 70°C
  • Operating altitude: 50,000 ft. maximum
  • Vibration: Robust, per DO-160G
  • Fluids susceptibility: Intended to survive heavy streams, per DO-160G

Certification Basis

  • DO-160G
  • SAE AS5498