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AutoPower® Automatic Throttle System for the Hawker 800XP

On the most fundamental level, flying is about controlling three axis: pitch, yaw, and roll. However, in today’s dynamic cockpit environment, there is a fourth axis to control…speed. The mission of AutoPower®, the Automatic Throttle System (ATS) from Safe Flight Instrument, LLC is the precise management and control of speed.

Safe Flight pioneered the development of automatic throttle technology on corporate and commercial aircraft, and now brings this level of cockpit sophistication to the Hawker 400XP.


Precise Speed Control

AutoPower® is an automatic throttle system designed to provide smooth speed management with precise engine target setting and airspeed control. It delivers accurate speed control, increased situational awareness, reduced crew workload, greater passenger comfort, quieter cabin environment, and increased payload/range. Flight crew transition to AutoPower® operation is intuitive.

AutoPower® manages speed through the aircraft’s thrust levers, keeping the pilot in the loop. Safe Flight’s ATS design philosophy is that when the system changes thrust, the thrust levers move. Overriding the throttles never takes more force with the ATS engaged than moving the throttles when AutoPower® is not engaged.

Perfecting Flight Performance

In the dynamic world of high-performance aviation, Safe Flight has pioneered significant performance and safety innovations. In addition to automatic throttles, Safe Flight developed stall warning and Angle-of-Attack systems, wind shear warning, and other pioneering safety-of-flight and performance systems.

With installations on a wide range of airline, military, corporate, and general aviation platforms, two-thirds of the world’s aircraft are Safe Flight equipped.


  • Precise IAS and Mach Speed ManagementPrecise IAS and Mach Speed
  • Management Precise IAS and Mach Speed Management Precise IAS and Mach Speed Management
  • Smooth, Pilot-in-the-Loop, Thrust Lever Control
  • Reduced Crew Workload
  • Enhanced Flight Safety
  • Potential Fuel Savings
  • Required Time of Arrival

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