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Challenger 604/605 AutoPower®

Automatic Throttle System with Engine Synchronization for the Challenger™ 604/605.

The Fourth axis
Safe Flight’S AUTOPOWER System provides the ‘fourth axis’ to an aircraft’s flight control system precise thrust control. AUTOPOWER for the Challenger™ 604 provides smooth, engine-synchronized, ‘takeoff-to-touchdown’ thrust management. Safe Flight’s ATS for the Challenger 604 delivers significant flight performance advantages resulting in reduced crew workload and increased situational awareness. Features include N1 control for takeoff, climb, go-around, and precise speed control (IAS/Mach), with full-time engine synchronization.

Precise speed control
Flight crew transition to AUTOPOWER operation is intuitive. The system automatically sets thrust during takeoff, go-around, or flight level change using the Precision Plus™ thrust management option. AUTOPOWER continuously monitors N1 thrust limits from the FMC to provide protection from engine exceedance and seamlessly integrates with the AFCS vertical modes, while automatically capturing the selected speed or Mach number.

AUTOPOWER provides automatic engine synchronization for incredibly smooth passenger-friendly thrust management from takeoff-to-touchdown and complements the autopilot’s vertical modes, contributing to rock-solid coupled approaches.

System components
Safe Flight’s AUTOPOWER System includes an ATS computer, a dual servomotor/clutch assembly, a pilot glareshield-located ATS Engage and N2 Select Panel, and both pilot and co-pilot glareshield-mounted ATS Mode Status Displays. AUTOPOWER has a unique clutch assembly. In contrast to some other automatic throttle systems, Safe Flight’s approach is to manage engine thrust through the aircraft’s thrust levers. When AUTOPOWER changes thrust, the thrust levers move. The system’s reverse locking clutches have demonstrated a Mean-Time-Between-Failure in excess of two million hours, with over nine thousand installations in the commercial, corporate, and military sectors. Installations are as diverse as the Boeing 767 and the USAF/Lockheed F-117A “Stealth Fighter”.

Safe Flight AUTOPOWER Advantages

  • Takeoff-to-touchdown automated thrust and speed control through dual servo thrust lever positioning for optimized profile performance, reduced crew workload, and increased passenger comfort.
  • Integrated with the FMC to provide continuous engine exceedance protection, VNAV speed control, and automated thrust management.
  • Precise, smooth, and synchronized N1 (or N2) speed control regardless of maneuver, turbulence, or ATC-speed requests.
  • Angle-of-Attack based minimum speed floor protection.
  • Intuitive operation-fully integrated with existing avionics displays/controls.
  • Available for retrofit and new production aircraft installations.

“Automatically controlling thrust to the Flight Manual N1 climb schedule is a great feature. We used to look up the target thrust settings at various stages of the climb and make the adjustments. Now we just leave it up to AUTOPOWER.”

“How smoothly it operates and how well it integrates with the autopilot is really impressive…certainly smoother than pilot hand flying.”

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