Safe Flight Speed Control System a Key Component for Cirrus SR22 FIKI Cert.

Speed Control System a Key Component for Cirrus SR22 FIKI Package

White Plains, NY (January 12, 2009) — Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft lift instrumentation and control systems, has received Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization for the Stall Warning / AoA System on the Cirrus Aircraft SR22 model aircraft.

Cirrus Aircraft announced today that the “Known Ice Protection” upgrade will be offered on its best-selling SR22 and Turbo models as a production option. A key component to this offering is Safe Flight’s Stall Warning / Angle of Attack Speed Control System which incorporates a heated Lift Transducer mounted on the leading edge of the wing and an innovative Stall Warning Computer that provides critical information to the pilot through the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin™ Primary Flight Display (PFD).

An outgrowth of more than 60 years of wing-mounted lift instrumentation experience, Safe Flight’s Speed Control System is the most comprehensive Stall Warning System offered to the general aviation market. The system provides limited range Angle of Attack as well as precise stall warning. Another feature of the system is computation of Low Airspeed Awareness or LAA. LAA is displayed through the PFD on a “speed tape” allowing the pilot to maintain a safe and efficient airspeed. In addition there is an output that is used to actuate an aural signal when the aircraft is near stall.

In a statement to a live global media audience, Cirrus Chairman Alan Klapmeier enthused, “Known Ice Protection completes the picture for many people when it comes to reliable, personal transportation. For many, it can allow operations on marginal days that icing forecasts would otherwise preclude travel. This means a Cirrus customer can get more utility and ultimately more capability from their airplane investment.”

“Safe Flight was instrumental in what is probably the most extensively tested known-ice package ever developed for general aviation.” said Ian Bentley, Cirrus’ Vice President for Products and Services.

Safe Flight’s Speed Control System is now being offered on a wide spectrum of general aviation and military aircraft. The system can be retrofitted to aircraft already equipped with Safe Flight’s wing mounted lift devices. Over half a million such aircraft are currently in service.