Safe Flight and FedEx Express Certify Hard Landing Bounce Protection System for the Boeing MD-11F


White Plains, New York (April 12, 2018) — Safe Flight Instrument Corporation of White Plains, New York, announces development and certification efforts of a warning system to address hard- and/or bounced-landings for the FedEx Express fleet of MD-11F aircraft.

The Hard Landing Bounce Protection System (HLBP) evaluates the factors of crosswind, turbulence and the crew response to these, to assess the stability of a landing approach and touchdown. Using predictive metrics, the system warns the pilot to abort an unsafe approach before it can progress into a dangerous event causing damage or injury.

The Safe Flight / FedEx HLBP program was initiated in 2016 with a data collection program on two FedEx MD-11F aircraft which analyzed flight data on over 550 landing approaches. In 2017 a piloted simulator test by FedEx line pilots evaluated the concept as installed in an MD-11F simulator. The successful tests led to the hardware development and FAA-certification phase of the project, begun in late 2017.

FAA STC certification of the HLBP system for the MD-11F is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

“FedEx Express has joined forces with Safe Flight combining line pilot experience, measured historical data and the latest technological advancements to widen margins of safety in the landing environment. This collaborative effort with the Safe Flight team will generate an additional layer of safety for the crew during the last moments before touchdown.  Safe Flight has the experience in building such safety systems. This joint effort is indicative of our unceasing efforts on all fronts to be on the cutting edge of safety and innovation for the ultimate good of the operating crew, customer and FedEx.” – Captain Rob Fisher, System Chief Pilot, FedEx Express.

“Safe Flight could not be more pleased to work on this pioneering safety initiative with FedEx Express. To date the development phases of this project partnering with FedEx Flight and Engineering personnel have worked to validate the HLBP concept and expand its operational potential for line operations, as well as providing training and maintenance benefits for the MD-11F fleet.

We look forward to next year’s FAA-certification and the introduction of this new dimension in cockpit safety,” said Randall Greene, President and CEO of Safe Flight Instrument Corporation.


About FedEx Express

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About Safe Flight

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