Quest Aircraft to install Safe Flight’s Angle of Attack with Digital Heads-Up Indexer as Standard Equipment on the Kodiak 100 Series II


White Plains, New York (July 20, 2018) — Safe Flight Instrument Corporation of White Plains, NY, pioneer of Stall Warning and Angle of Attack Systems for all segments of the aviation market, announced today that its heads-up Angle of Attack (AoA) Indexer System is now standard equipment on the Quest Kodiak 100 Series II.

The AoA Indexer Computer Display is a supplement to the existing aircraft TSO’d stall warning system which receives the AoA output from the existing Safe Flight Lift Transducer and Stall Protection Computer. The Indexer incorporates LEDs in the display, making it easy to read in all lighting conditions and features a pilot selectable Reference Marker for setting AoA targets.

The Indexer provides the pilot with heads-up AoA-based guidance for a variety of high-lift operational conditions, including: Normal and Short-field Takeoff, Best Angle (Vx) and Best Rate (Vy) Climb, Long Range Cruise (LRC) and Normal and Short-field Landing approach. Flap changes, wind gusts, load factor and weight distribution are all accounted for thus increasing safety during critical phases of flight.

According to Rob Wells, CEO of Quest Aircraft Company, “The addition of Safe Flight’s Angle of Attack system on the Kodiak 100 Series II offers our owners and operators a fantastic level of insight into their flight operations, providing them with instant feedback and increased situational awareness. The system is comprehensive, simple and accurate; we’re pleased to offer it as standard equipment on the Series II model.”

Safe Flight has supported Quest Aircraft Company from its roots in humanitarian missions to being the most modern mid-sized turboprop on the market. “The Kodiak is renowned for its backcountry and STOL operations, we are extremely pleased to provide Quest with an AoA system that will enhance the performance and safety characteristics of this uniquely innovative aircraft,” said Randall Greene, Safe Flight’s President and CEO.

Visit Quest Aircraft at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, booth 263-264 on the main aircraft display to learn more about Safe Flight’s robust Angle of Attack System.

About Quest Aircraft Company
Quest Aircraft Company is dedicated to providing access to more people and more places by building the most rugged, reliable, turbine STOL aircraft in the business. For the past decade, the 10-seat Kodiak 100 has proven its versatility in a wide range of public, private, business and humanitarian applications. Today, the Kodiak 100 Series II continues that versatility while also boasting best-in-class safety and technology. Quest Aircraft continues to cultivate a global dealer and support network, providing customers assurance that their missions will be accomplished. The Kodiak is proudly built in Sandpoint Idaho, with a fleet of over 250 aircraft certified in over 55 countries around the globe. For additional information on Quest and the Kodiak, please visit

About Safe Flight
Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, a leader in aviation safety and flight performance systems, was founded in 1946. Headquartered in White Plains, New York, the company pioneered the development of Stall Warning and Angle of Attack, Automatic Throttle Systems, Wind Shear Warning, and many other innovations in aircraft instrumentation, flight performance and control systems for fixed and rotary winged aircraft. In the helicopter market, Safe Flight produces Powerline Detection and Tactile Cueing systems. The Tactile Cueing System allows the pilot to literally “feel” their way around the helicopter’s safe operating envelope of engine and drivetrain limits. Safe Flight’s products are installed on over two-thirds of the world’s aircraft in the general aviation, corporate, commercial and military sectors. To find out more, please visit

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