AoA/Stall Warning Paddle Vane AoA

Paddle Vane AoA System

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Paddle Vane

A small, wedge-shaped vane on the end of a movable arm senses the airflow. The arm is free to rotate through an arc of 60 degrees and is accurately counterbalanced so that the position of the arm is determined entirely by the airstream direction around the wedge-shaped vane. The arm pivot is attached through anti-backlash gearing to two rotary induction potentiometers (linear transformers) which generate an electrical output calibrated in terms of Angle of Attack.

The sensor arm and vane are equipped with thermostatically controlled anti-icing heaters.


Senses local airflow angle at the side of the aircraft fuselage for Angle of Attack input to onboard indicators and computers.


  • Low drag coefficient and excellent wear resistance due to the use of linear transformers
  • Integral anti-icing
  • Wedge-shaped vane replaceable while sensor is installed in aircraft
  • No recalibration required when vane is replaced

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