AoA/Stall Warning Swept Vane AoA

Swept Vane AoA System

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The Angle-of-Attack Sensor is designed to mount on the side of the airplane fuselage and measure local airstream angle with respect to the fuselage horizontal reference plane. The cylindrical sensor body mounts within the fuselage and its mounting plate configured to interface with the user aircraft.

An aerodynamically swept vane, with integral, long-life ceramic heaters, senses the airflow. The vane is free to move through a full 360 degrees and is accurately counterbalanced so that the position of the vane is determined entirely by the airstream direction around it.

The vane is hinged at its base in such a way that it cannot separate upon impact by bird strike, etc., thus eliminating potential damage to engines. A damaged vane may be replaced externally, with no requirement for realignment or other adjustment.

Internal/external mounting of the entire sensor is offered for ease of access and maintenance. Both mounting options feature a rain shield and seal combination.


Senses local airflow angle at the side of the aircraft fuselage for Angle of Attack input to onboard indicators and computers. Provides maximum sensitivity for low speed awareness.


  • Sensor designed for optional internal/external mounting
  • Low drag coefficient and excellent wear resistance due to aerodynamically efficient swept shape and hard-plated surface of vane
  • Internal long-life, self-regulating, ceramic anti-icing heaters for increased reliability
  • Vane replaceable, if damaged, without removing sensor housing or recalibrating
  • Rain shield and low friction seal prevent liquid penetration resulting from rain or washing
  • Integral vane hinge eliminates the possibility of aircraft damage resulting from loose vane caused by impact in flight
  • Vane shape and full 360 mechanical rotation prevent damage and loss of accuracy during high pressure washing and other ground operations

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