AoA/Stall Warning Lift Transducer

Lift Transducer

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Safe Flight’s Lift Transducer uses a magnetic sensing circuit which generates an electrical output proportional to the deflection of the vane. This allows the pilot to have a continuous display of the vane’s position and stagnation point. The Lift Transducer can be utilized with:

A “glass cockpit” for slow speed awareness & stall warning.

  • Driving a fast–slow indicator on the flat panel display
  • Displaying the optimum Angle of Attack during climb and descent

An independent computer to:

  • Generate flap-compensated stall warnings
  • Drive flight control/autothrottle systems

The advantage a lift transducer provides is a direct measurement of stall margin rather than complicated derived calculation which varies with the weight of the aircraft, load factor, center of gravity etc. A Lift Transducer in conjunction with a computer can be a cost effective alternative to an Angle of Attack system for aircraft manufacturers. The variations for the Lift Transducer mirror those of the Lift Detector. Additionally the Lift Transducer can come with or without a discrete switch to duplicate the Lift Detector’s stall warning output. Lift Transducers have been installed in close to 40,000 aircraft.

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