SCx Leading Edge Angle of Attack

SCx Leading Edge Angle of Attack – Safe Flight Offering AoA for the experimental, homebuilt and kit plane market

Oshkosh, WI (July 27, 2014)— Today at EAA’s AirVenture, Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, based in White Plains, NY, announced the SCx – a leading edge Angle of Attack (AoA) based system tailored for the experimental, homebuilt, and kit plane market and available for purchase at AirVenture.

“We are very excited to offer the EAA community SCx, our newest AoA product utilizing leading edge wing lift measurement to provide a heads-up display of AoA for the experimental, homebuilt, and kit plane market” said the company’s President and CEO, Randall Greene.  An SCc system for FAA certificated aircraft will be available later this year.

In designing the SCx, Safe Flight is building on its 68 years of experience providing aircraft manufacturers the world over with patented wing lift sensor technology used for primary stall warning.

The SCx system is designed to deliver precise AoA information to help achieve consistent takeoff, climb, cruise and landing approach performance. Additionally the SCx provides Low Airspeed Awareness through is innovative visual display and audio output. The SCx Lift Transducer precisely measures the wing’s leading edge stagnation point and flow field. This makes the AoA indication of margin above stall accurate regardless of aircraft weight, wing loading, gear configuration, air density, and slip conditions.  The SCx Indexer Computer incorporates LEDs in the display, making it easy to read in all lighting conditions.  The Indexer Computer features a pilot adjustable Reference Marker for setting AoA targets.

The system provides the pilot with AoA-based guidance for a variety of high-lift operational conditions including: normal and short-field takeoff, Best Angle (Vx) and Best Rate (Vy) of Climb, wind-compensation for Long Range Cruise (LRC) and Normal and Short-field Landing approach. Additionally, the system supplement’s the aircraft’s stall warning system through Low Airspeed Awareness (high AoA).

The SCx Leading Edge AoA system includes the Lift Transducer and Indexer Computer, along with necessary wiring, connectors and installation hardware.  For additional information on the SCx you can visit and follow Facebook and Twitter for new updates.