Safe Flight’s SCc AoA System Selected by Textron Aviation as Standard on the Cessna Skyhawk 172

White Plains, New York (Wednesday, April 6, 2016) — Textron Aviation has selected Safe Flight Instrument Corporation of White Plains, NY to supply its SCc system making the Cessna Skyhawk 172 the first aircraft in its class to feature a dedicated AoA Indexer system as standard equipment from the factory.  Initial deliveries of Skyhawks fitted with the SCc started this year.

“This competitive win at Textron Aviation solidifies Safe Flight’s SCc as the Angle of Attack (AoA) system of choice in the General Aviation market,” according to Matt Greene, Executive Vice President  of Safe Flight Instrument Corporation.  “Safe Flight remains committed to improving flight safety and aircraft performance through AoA.  We applaud Textron Aviation for recognizing the operational benefits of AoA for flight training and general aviation use and for their selection of Safe Flight’s SCc as standard equipment on the most successful aircraft ever produced.”

Safe Flight’s SCc is the most accurate AoA system available to the General Aviation market throughout the entire flight profile. SCc aligns with the FAA’s objectives of reducing Loss of Control incidents through Low Airspeed Awareness by providing both flashing red LEDs and an unmistakable audio output that alert the pilot of increasing AoA and impending stall.

The SCc Lift Transducer precisely measures the wing’s leading edge stagnation point and flow field, a precise measurement of AoA regardless of aircraft weight, wing loading, slip condition or center of gravity.  The Indexer Computer uses an LED-lit display, making it easy to read in all lighting conditions, and features a pilot-settable Reference Marker for establishing AoA Climb, Cruise and Approach AoA targets.

In addition to Low Airspeed Awareness, the SCc provides the pilot with AoA-based guidance for a variety of high-lift operational conditions such as:  normal and short-field takeoff, climb, wind-adjusted AoA cruise speed for maximum range, maximum endurance and guidance for normal and short-field landings.
The SCc is also available from Textron Aviation as factory optional equipment on the Cessna Skylane 182 and Cessna Turbo Stationair 206.

About Safe Flight:

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, a leader in aviation safety and flight performance systems, was founded in 1946.  Headquartered in White Plains, New York, the company pioneered the development of Stall Warning and Angle of Attack, Automatic Throttle Systems, Wind Shear Warning, and many other innovations in aircraft instrumentation, flight performance and control systems for fixed and rotary winged aircraft.  In the helicopter market, Safe Flight produces Powerline Detection and Tactile Cueing systems.  The Tactile Cueing System allows the pilot to literally “feel” their way around the helicopter’s safe operating envelope of engine and drivetrain limits.  Safe Flight’s products are installed on over two-thirds of the world’s aircraft in the general aviation, corporate, commercial and military sectors.  To find out more, please visit

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