Safe Flight’s Powerline Detector Now Dual Frequency

Orlando, FL (March 20, 2014) —  Providing demonstration flights in Orlando immediately prior to NBAA, Safe Flight continues the roll-out of their new Dual Frequency Powerline Detection System (DPDS).  The important advancement (first announced in April of 2014 at HeliExpo in Anaheim, CA.), the new DPDS is based on a state of the art Digital Signal Processor receiver that detects both 50 Hz (International) and 60Hz (US).

Safe Flight’s DPDS is an extremely lightweight (less than 1 lb.) and passive system that increases pilot reaction time to the hazard of powered electric transmission lines by providing a warning when approaching an energized power line.  The system provides both a visual and audio warning to the crew.  As the aircraft approaches the danger, the aural warning intensifies in frequency, thereby providing a sense of the helicopter’s closing the distance with the hazard.

The Powerline Detection System is FAA certified on the SA-341 Gazelle and Bell 206, EASA certified on the AS350, AS355 and BK117 and CASA certified on the EC145, BK117, Bell 206 and Agusta 139.  The system has seen various other installations via FAA 337 and Type Certification.  FAA certification on the Bell 429 is in progress.  While the earlier analog system was delivered as either 50Hz or 60HZ, the dual frequency DPDS operates worldwide to detect 50Hz and 60Hz power line frequency emissions.  The DPDS is NVG compatible and ideally suited for HEMS, law enforcement, military, and other flights into off-field locations.

About Safe Flight:

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, a leader in aviation safety and flight performance systems, was founded in 1946.  Headquartered in White Plains, New York, the company pioneered the development of Stall Warning and Angle of Attack, Automatic Throttle Systems, Icing Conditions Detectors, Wind Shear Warning, and many other innovations in aircraft instrumentation, flight performance, and control systems for fixed and rotary winged aircraft.  In the helicopter market, Safe Flight produces Powerline Detection systems, Exceedance Warning systems, and Icing Conditions Detectors. Safe Flight products are installed on over two-thirds of the world’s aircraft in the general aviation, corporate, commercial and military sectors.  To find out more, please visit

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