Safe Flight Receives Patent for “Aircraft Turbulence Detection” algorithm, underlying its new Stability Index Warning System


White Plains, New York (October 25, 2017) — Safe Flight Instrument Corporation of White Plains, New York, has been awarded a United States patent for “Aircraft Turbulence Detection,” the algorithm underlying the company’s Stability Index System. US 9,701,422 was issued on July 11, 2017.

The Stability Index System evaluates the factors of wind and turbulence as well as the crew response to these which when combined quantify the aircraft’s predicted landing approach and touchdown, in terms of warning of an unacceptably hard landing or which might result in a significant bounce. The continued landing of an unstable approach has led to accidents, some of which have resulted in fatalities and loss of aircraft.

The crew warning philosophy behind most airborne warning systems is founded on the premise that any warning must provide protection for all flight crews, regardless of their piloting ability or experience. Due to a conservative design, these warnings are often nuisance warnings for the majority of flight crews. In Safe Flight’s Stability Index computation, it is only the net effect of environment factors (crosswind, turbulence, etc.) coupled with flight crew response to these factors that determine the safety margin boundary of a particular landing approach. The Stability Index provides a warning margin uniquely tailored to the real-time performance of aircraft and crew to provide landing approach and touchdown protection.

The Stability Index System provides an approach and landing/touchdown ‘score’ for every landing (which typically is calculated for the approach between 100 feet AGL through touchdown and rollout) and is available for flight crew to review. Crew feedback from Safe Flight’s Stability Index System can provide a powerful training resource for operators.

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