Safe Flight and Bombardier Partner on CL604 AutoPower® Retrofit Promotion

Bombardier and Safe Flight Partner for CL604 AutoPower® Retrofit Promotion

Bombardier and Safe Flight have teamed to offer AutoPower® (Safe Flight’s Automatic Throttle System) to the Challenger 604 retrofit market at a reduced rate through the end of 2009.

Safe Flight’s Enhanced AutoPower® will increase the aircraft’s value, enhance safety and reduce operating costs. Challenger 604 customers can have the system installed at any of Bombardier’s five Business Aircraft Service Centers and are encouraged to contact their Regional Manager for pricing.

AutoPower® is a proven capability that will add value to your Bombardier Challenger 604. The system helps reduce pilot workload while increasing safety margins, enhancing passenger comfort and reducing fuel consumption, giving the CL604 the ability to meet today’s demanding global operating and environmental standards.

The system automatically sets thrust during takeoff, climb and go-around using the Precision Plus™ thrust management option. In addition to thrust management, the system provides precise management and control of speed during cruise, approach, descent and landing.