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Landing Light Status Annunciator

Safe Flight’s Landing Light Status Annunciator is a simple and inexpensive method of informing pilots of the helicopter’s landing light status in daylight, at night, whether the light is on, or off. If the landing light is not working, an amber annunciator will display LDG LT FAIL even if the light is not turned on. A green annunciator displays LDG LT ON when the switch is on.

Some pilots use the helicopter’s landing light for collision avoidance during the day. Many helicopter flights originate during the day and extend into the night. In either case, the pilot has no indication if his light is working during the daytime operations.

The Landing Light Status Annunciator is a simple plug in replacement of the existing landing light relay. It avoids aircraft rewiring for a replacement relay required by pending Bell service bulletin. Designed for the Bell 206 series, it can be easily installed in most helicopters.

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