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Glider Angle-of-Attack

Safety First

Deadly stall-spin events at low altitude are far less likely with Safe flight’s Angle-of-Attack/Stall Warning system. Flying at high wing loading, in both flapped and non-flapped gliders, it is difficult for pilots to notice that they are thermalling too slow. With high performance gliders, it is easy to thermal out of the “sweet spot” or best performance point on the drag curve.

As the bank angle increases, the required increase in airspeed rapidly increases. Safe Flight’s Angle-of-Attack/Stall Warning system aids the pilot in identifying and avoiding loss of high drag performance.

Light Weight, Detachable Vane

The Angle-of-Attack/Stall Warning system weighs less than one pound and is easily installed. For storage, the vane is simply removed without tools.

Easy To Read
The vane output displays the Angle-of-Attack on the instrument panel. The display meter can be indexed for best climb AoA and max L/D AoA. It is easy to interpret the colored graphics on the display, and it requires very little power.

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