Flying Colours Offers AutoPower® on CL850 & CRJ ExecLiner Completions

Flying Colours Offers AutoPower® on CL 850 & CRJ ExecLiner Completions

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation’s AutoPower® Automatic Throttle System is now being offered by Completion specialist Flying Colours Corp. and its US subsidiary, JetCorp Technical Services.
Flying Colours has added AutoPower® to its options list for new and retrofit Challenger 850’s as well as its CRJ ExecLiner model.

AutoPower®, Safe Flight’s Automatic Throttle System provides continuous thrust management during takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing phases of flight and go-around. Fully integrated with existing avionics displays and controls, AutoPower® features precise, smooth and synchronized speed and power control modes. AutoPower® components include a dedicated computer, two mode status display monitors and a modified throttle quadrant that includes the drive units and engage and disengage switches. All this capability will result in a seamless upgrade with significant cockpit improvement.

Safe Flight’s AutoPower® delivers significant flight performance advantages resulting in increased situational awareness, reduced crew workload, greater passenger comfort, and extended range/payload potential. The system accurately holds pilot-selected IAS/Mach and is exceptionally smooth during all flight conditions. AutoPower® systems and components from Safe Flight have demonstrated unprecedented reliability on more than 9,000 corporate, commercial, and military aircraft worldwide.

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